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New Institute of Leadership & Management Training Programme

By qualitysave, Jul 13 2018 09:08AM

Delighted to announce Quality Save have recently partnered with Mercury Training.

This will give our Management teams an amazing opportunity to receive the training, coaching and development they need to enhance their skills and have a successful management career within the company.

Our Teams will undergo Leadership and Management support programmes which we believe will make a great difference to them and Quality Save alike!

The programmes lead to professional recognition with the Institute of Leadership and Management through to degree level.

After meeting with a number of training providers, Mercury Training were selected due to their specialism and reputation in leadership and management training across the UK, they have worked closely with us in understanding our unique business.

Mark Loseby Head of Retail said 'We are very excited to be working with Mercury Training and believe that the development programmes led by our Training & Development Manager, Ben Cottrell and assisted by Paul Lawton-Jones, Managing Director of Mercury Training will create unique development opportunities for our Teams'.

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